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Have you ever heard of dry tooling? If not, it’s time you did! Dry tooling is a unique, challenging and exciting activity that combines the techniques of ice climbing with the setting of a rock wall. It is the perfect way to train for climbing in Alpine environments, but it is also a fantastic new discipline of rock climbing in of itself.

When drytooling, you use ice axes on the rock – or the climbing holds – rather than using your hands. This means learning how to best position the axes and your body weight very carefully to stay on the wall – and hopefully get to the top!

Here at Rock and Rapid Adventures, we are the only climbing centre to offer indoor dry tooling in the South West. We run dry tooling nights on the last Friday of every month (except during the summer season), where visitors can try out this rewarding form of climbing in a safe environment. If you’re interested in trying out indoor dry toolin in Devon, Rock and Rapid is the place to be!

Our dry-tooling nights feature a range of challenges, from beginner climbs on a vertical wall to much trickier routes with features such as barrels, chains, poles and more! We also set various traversing routes for you to perfect your technique before the big climb.

If you want the experience of this kind of climbing, but aren’t quite comfortable using ice picks yet, we also have some dry ice tools, which feature rubber bands looped on the end of a handle. These are slotted over holds to stimulate the experience of climbing with an ice axe – but without the metal!

We welcome climbers of all levels to come dry tooling at Rock and Rapid. Every session is led by experienced instructors and is conducted with all of the best safety gear.

Ready to try it for yourself? Call us on 01769 309 003 for more information about our next dry tooling sessions!

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"Great place and great staff"

Rock and Rapid testimonial

We visited this whole on our holiday on a rainy day, my son enjoyed it so much he wanted to go back so we did. Twice! The staff are super friendly and very knowledgable. We will no doubt be back next year!

Wendy W, Solihull / Indoor Climbing

"Love the inclusiveness of this place"

Rock and Rapid testimonial

I started climbing here about a year ago and love the atmosphere and people I meet. Ladies might, on a Monday which is run by Simmo has become a weekly must. (the coffee is pretty awesome too.) Great instruction is given on technique including safety) plus games are put together to improve climbing ability. I bring my nieces here and they love it. It’s exercise without feeling like you’re i a gym. I can’t recommend it enough!

Laura S / Indoor Climbing

"Great rainy day activity for all the family"

Rock and Rapid testimonial

As a family of five who like to try new things, I can’t recommend this enough. The staff member who helped us was top class. Friendly, accommodating and keen. Although, we were all at different levels of experience, some of us complete notices at climbing – we all managed to spend an enjoyable couple of hours.

Emma E / Indoor Climbing

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